americans abroad #resisttrump



As an American citizen living abroad for nearly a decade, I've had the opportunity to experience life in three different countries. It has been a life-changing adventure that has broadened my mind and opened my heart in ways I can't count. However, I've never stopped being active in the politics of my birth country. 

I, along with millions of fellow expatriates, am sickened and horrified by the dark fascistic actions of the present administration, which misrepresents the heart of the United States to the world. I feel a pressing need to join the movement to resist in whatever small way I can from afar. As expatriates, I feel it's our responsibility to not only work towards change at home, but to act as ambassadors of decency and kindness in the world–a responsibility that feels heavier and more urgent every day. 

I designed these postcards in the hopes that Americans abroad will download, print them, cut them out and host letter-writing parties in their expat communities around the world. Get together, share ideas, express yourselves, and let your representatives know you are in the fight, even from afar. 

NOTE: These were designed to be printed on A4-sized paper (preferably card stock) and cut into A6-size postcards (standard in many countries outside of the US). Please contact me if you'd like a version designed for standard US-letter paper.  

The wonderful hand illustration is by Penelope Dullaghan, who generously distributed it for public use at the Women's March. Please consider buying her design on a pin from Pincause, who have raised over $60,000 for Women's Rights and Human Rights.